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Drop 2 and Drop 3 Chords Applied is a practical approach for learning and utilizing drop 2 and drop 3 guitar voicings. The exercises begin as positional studies for each string set, then progress to ascending and descending studies for the chord progression for tunes like “Just Friends.” Focusing on a single progression makes it easier to absorb all of the possible inversions, positions, and string sets available on the guitar. After working through the material presented in this book you will have a solid understanding of drop 2 and drop 3 chords, and how to use them in any application.


Drop 2 and Drop 3 Chords Applied: Volume 1

Add the full sound of open-string chords to your playing. In addition to being a comprehensive chord dictionary with over 800 open-string chords, Book of Open-String Chords for Guitar contains a theory section offering a simple approach for creating and understanding open-string chords based on basic triad shapes. Included are major, minor, dominant, and suspended chords in all twelve keys, with many extensions and alterations that can be used by guitar players at every skill level. Also included is a chart with many popular chord progressions that can be used to help get the material under your fingers.


Book of Open-String Chords for Guitar

Book of Arpeggios for Guitar displays arpeggio shapes, parent scales, and chords in six positions of the fretboard. Some arpeggios are presented on multiple pages with alternate parent scales if they are commonly used in various playing situations.

This book can be useful as a resource for basic through advanced arpeggio shapes, as well as a visual practice aid that combines arpeggios, scales, and chords on a single page.


ARPEGGIOS! is a nine volume series featuring in-depth arpeggio studies over the chord progression for a single jazz standard in each issue. Arpeggios are presented as three string, one octave patterns in various inversions played in four positions of the fretboard. Mixing inversions is a great way to become familiar with common tone and voice leading opportunities when comping or soloing. The latter part of the book takes the same patterns learned in Section One and superimposes them over the chord progression to create more harmonically extended and interesting lines. Downloadable backing tracks are available for each volume.


Backing Tracks

Chord progression for songs like "Blue Bossa"

Chord progression for songs like "Autumn Leaves"

Chord progression for songs like "All the Things You Are"

"Rhythm Changes"

Chord progression for songs like "Just Friends"

Backing Tracks

"Jazz Blues"

"Minor Blues"

Backing Tracks

Chord progression for songs like "Solar"

Backing Tracks

Chord progression for songs like "There Will Never Be Another You"

Backing Tracks



Out of the Wood EP

Acoustic instrumentals featuring guitar and mandolin.



Every Time (sampled above)

Second Chances

A Little Rain



Passage EP

Acoustic & synthesizer driven instrumental rock.


For Every Time

Keyhole (sampled above)



Some Minor Scratch



Major 7 Arpeggios

Major 9 Arpeggios

Click on the image to download a pdf of each page.

Arpeggio inversions 3rd position notation

Arpeggio inversions 3rd position tablature

E Major Open-String Chords

G Minor Open-String Chords

5th position drop 2 voicings

Ascending drop 2 voicings

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